Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Good session

So basically we recorded all the tunes we want on the Cd and now we have made us all Cd's to listen to see if the choice of tracks fit together. We really want a good mix of technical, fast, slow moody etc numbers on the disc so its nicely paced for a commercial Cd. Our record label has taken a couple Ben and I have one each and we are all going to sleep with them for a week and have some kinda postmortem next week. Then its back in to start work on the tracks. We have a lot to do on these numbers because we are looking at some celebrity guest musicians. most live in the US so our label will be flying them in for the recordings so we all need to synchronize schedules (which is a nightmare all round). Fingers crossed we can get things going ASAP.

Monday, 2 February 2009

Snow in the UK

Well for those of you that are not in the UK its snowing today. its pretty much brought the country to a standstill. Schools are closing Motorways are blocked and there is general chaos all around. As for us, we are back into the studio tomorrow for our next installment of the forthcoming Cd. Its funny because its like being in a nuclear fall out shelter. once you go through the external 3 sets of doors you end up in a completely self sufficient controlled environment. People book this studio for a month at a time and just go in and come out when its all done. that is hardcore recording! we are lucky to just use the time when we feel ready to go. We are still busy doing shows up to 5 times a week so at least the credit crunch has kept away from us for the time being. must go but will do an update on wednesday to let you all know how the studio went. laterz