Sunday, 23 November 2008

Right, here goes blog number 2. Our record label (Modern World records) has scheduled a 2 day studio slot for us to record a 4 track demo/press pack to promote the forthcoming Cd. The session will also be recorded by a camera crew so we can have a DVD option on the disc. This will be in the live lounge with a small select audience. All sounds a bit showbiz for us but hey "when in Rome".
We are now confirmed to play at the LA Namm show in January and then on to perform at the House of Blues(Las Vegas) and a few other private gigs in the LA area. We are planning to be back in the UK by the end of January.
Thats the band stuff out of the way. Ben is still training away (you dont want to know his daily routine,its savage!) each day in order to compete in the Lanzerote Iron Man in May 2009. Im (Stuart) still working on the golf swing with a Pro friend of mine from Denmark Gary Hindshaw. Scratch golf is my target for next year (2 at the moment) so i hope we spend a bit more time in the UK to help this.
Thanks for dropping by!

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