Monday, 9 August 2010

IGGF festival and the cd release!!!

Hey All, what a blast we have had. firstly we got pushed into a corner and had to finish the Cd in time for the IGGF festival. that’s exactly what we needed because we have now finished and the first run was done. our set at the festival went down well with our new lineup (bass, 2x guitars and Ben Holder (other wise known to us as Bolder!!)). we totally sold out of all our cds and had to get a rush job done for last weekends festival "Gig in the Park". if you would like to get a copy (which we called "the collective, chapter I") go to the site
next gig this coming weekend is the Bakewell Acoustic Music Festival sounds fun. we are supporting Paul Young on the Saturday night (Random!!!). ill get some pics for you all.

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