Tuesday, 2 December 2008

2 Days in the studio

We just had two good days in the studio recording our latest Cd. For those who haven't been in a studio before, it really is an intense atmosphere but its most enjoyable. However, because the recordings go straight off to post production this means that you work for 2 days then have a waiting game before you get a chance to hear how things went (kinda like doing an exam and waiting to find out if you passed!).
Everything seemed good on the days but fingers crossed from here.
We are hoping to get some pics up sometime this week so watch this space.
Special thanks to our record label for looking after us so well and thanks to our producer Ben (and assistant Zach) on the day. These guys had to put up with our constant need to put each other off throughout the sessions. I certainly had a nasty fit of corpsing going at one stage which was hilarious for Ben and I but surly quite frustrating for all the team in the control room patiently saying "Yes, Very good....Again". I'm hoping that you can hear our smiles on the recording. :-)

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