Sunday, 7 December 2008

Some things we do!

Hey All, Over the last week we have been doing some gigs and generally feeling cold! We are still pining to get back to California (not long to go now). i for one have to say that i am a warm climate person that needs that yellow thing in the sky that is often spotted in this country some days in June. We have so many commitments here with private gigs and obviously our pending CD that we cant just hop back on a plane. We are always reminded of the things that we are missing out on by our close friends in California. Last night our friend/Agent hung out with Oasis and Russel Brand and we were getting constant updates on how much we should of been there. At the time we were performing at a private event in the Cotswold's (which was a really nice gig in fairness pic on the right) so i suppose we didn't really have a chance to be there.
We still haven't had time to get back to the studio but we have scheduled some time on Wednesday so i will let you all know then.
Ben is now into his last 6 months of training so he is living off nuts and berries and has upped the workouts to 4 hours a day!!!! Ive officially gone into hibernation in a large cardboard box filled with newspaper and a small tortoise called Jeffrey.

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